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Technical advantages of CinaCharm HBTS series concrete pump

The oil pump adopts a well-known brand variable plunger pump with high rated pressure; the valve group adopts American Eaton or Beijing Huade, with stable and reliable quality.

The whole series adopts electronically controlled hydraulic system, which is simple and clear and easy to maintain.

The hydraulic system adopts a mature and simple electronic control system, with low failure rate and convenient maintenance. It adopts oil pumps and valves of well-known brands at home and abroad, with stable and reliable quality.

Air-cooled and water-cooled dual cooling systems ensure that the equipment can work normally even in extremely hot weather (temperature above 40°C).

Unique reversing buffer design

The reversing impact of the concrete pump not only causes damage to the hydraulic system, but also shortens the service life of hydraulic components and mechanical components. More importantly, during the construction process, due to the large impact and vibration, it is difficult to control the movement of the cloth hose, which will bring up the cloth. A good floor heating pipe makes the builders a headache.

Aiming at this shortcoming, Xinsai Machinery adopts the original reversing buffer technology, which successfully eliminates the pressure shock at the moment of reversing, and the reversing is extremely stable.

The centralized lubrication system adopts the multi-point direct oil supply method, the oil supply pressure is high, and the easy occurrence is eliminated.

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